Singletary smells a rat


The 49ers had repeated problems in play-calling in their opener in Seattle; offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye had difficulty getting the plays called in time.

A Yahoo article detailed communications issues amongst the Niner coaches and Mike Singletary is not happy about the anonymous leak.

"If there's something that you have to say, go say it and say that you said it. But don't go say a bunch of stuff, 'but don't tell him I said it.' To me, that's a rat. That's a coward and a rat. If the rat is in the building, it'll show in time, but I'm not going to go try to find it. It'll show," said Singletary.

The Yahoo article indicated some players had complained about Raye in the off-season, but quarterback Alex Smith says that is news to him.

"I'm not going to lie, I found most of the article pretty ridiculous. Stuff that I had absolutely no idea about, stuff that was news to me, that players were going to coach Singletary this off-season and had these issues, something I certainly had no idea about. And I meet with Singletary pretty often," said Smith.

Raye may move down from the booth to the sidelines to call plays against the New Orleans Saints on Monday night. Raye says the responsibility to get the calls in properly falls on him.

"It's my 34th year in the National Football League. I'm not flawless. I think I speak with good diction. I don't garble anything. So whoever Yahoo is, maybe he should come call the plays," says Raye.

Singletary's anger didn't stop with the article, he is not happy about Hall of Famer Jerry Rice, the Niner great, made a surprise visit to give the Seahawks a pre-season pep talk. Rice will have his number retired by the Niners Monday night.

"Jerry's been here a number of times but where Jerry goes is his business. So the fact that he was with Pete Carroll, that's great. Great for Jerry, but yes, he's been invited here," said Singletary.

ABC7 talked with Cole on Thursday. He told said he did not write the article to make Raye look bad, but stands by the story and says the Niners have a dysfunctional situation within their coaching staff and it needs to be resolved.

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