Memorial service held for Bullis family


The people gathered in Burlingame to remember three members of the Bullis family: 85-year-old Lavonne Bullis, her 50-year-old son Greg, and his 17-year-old son will.

"Full of life, they loved one another, they love their community, they love their church community, they played together, they laughed together. It's a pretty great family. They've touched a lot of lives," said family friend Sheila Denton.

So many people came, the church and the neighborhood ran out of parking spaces, so busses ferried people from the parking lot at Mills High School. Outdoor seating and speakers were provided to handle the large crowd.

Friends remembered Greg's sense of humor, saying he was always playing practical jokes on people. His son, Will, was a senior at mills high school and a youth deacon at church. He was remembered for his gentle presence. And 85-year-lavonne was described as a warm and patient woman who served as a deacon at church.

Friends say surviving members of the family at times feel overwhelmed by grief.

"They don't have any evidence of wills. They don't have anything to go by as far as how to just handle the normal sorting issues when it comes to the death of a loved one. Everything was literally consumed in the fire," said family friend Mike Harbert.

The family decided to keep the funeral private, but did step outside to watch members of the Marine Corps honor Greg who served in the Navy.

The coroner's office wasn't able to confirm the deaths of the Bullis family until Wednesday of this week -- nearly two weeks after the fire.

The death toll from the San Bruno explosion and fire is now seven.

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