High school teen is best long driver in world


Mazza has a bunch of nicknames already, including "The Natural," "The Kid," "The Machine" and "Machine Gun."

A couple of months ago, they didn't call him anything because nobody knew Mazza could hit a golf ball with amazing force.

He is a very good all-around athlete and is a pitcher on the Clayton Valley High School baseball team. He happens to be a 2-handicap on the golf course. Being a big hitter, it was suggested he try long drive and it did not take long for Mazza to make his mark.

"After he hit his first ball down the grid, I had an epiphany and at that point, I knew there was something really special about this young man," said long drive competitor John Kikes.

Mazza bombed away in Pleasanton and then qualified in Nevada for the world championships with a colossal drive of 436 yards. Only one man has ever hit longer on that course.

Mazza said he was shocked to hear that and said he felt "Excitement... everything. I don't know."

He also said his parents being proud of him meant a lot to him.

If Mazza actually wins the World Championship, he will be faced with a difficult decision. The first prize is $150,000 but he may not take the money.

"If he takes the money, his junior golf is over, the first programs are basically over, all that stuff… he's done," said Mazza's father, Steve.

Mazza is far from done. He'll stay an amateur and keep blowing the old guys away.

"I always hit the ball long, but I never thought I'd be able to compete with older guys that are doing this for a living," said Mazza.

The world title is up for grabs in November -- look out for "The Kid."

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