Mountain lion spotted near elementary school


The animal was seen at about 8:30 a.m. on the ridge behind Pescadero Elementary School, located at 620 North St.

Mountain lions had previously been seen in the area twice in the last three weeks. The area is part to the regular patrol beat and is closely monitored in the mornings, the sherif's office said.

The sheriff's office recommends that people keep a close eye on small children and avoid walking or hiking when the animals are most active - dawn, dusk, and night.

People who see mountain lions are advised to pick up small children immediately and not approach the animal, especially if it is feeding or with its young.

Residents who come in contact with the animals should not run, but instead face the cougar, make noise, try to look bigger than they are by waving their arms, and throw rocks or other objects at it.

Mountain lions will usually try to avoid confrontation, the sheriff's office said.

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