Dalai Lama visits E. Palo Alto school


The visit by the Dalai Lama provided students with an opportunity to learn about Tibetan culture and history through song and dance.

Eleven students were then given an opportunity to ask His Holiness questions and they wanted to know what he likes about being a monk and whether world peace will ever happen.

"Peace must come from within. Through inner-peace, peace can be achieved," the Dalai Lama said.

The visit was supposed to run 45 minutes, but the forum lasted over an hour.

Some students were absorbed by this exiled religious and political leader, while others struggled to understand him.

"A little bit over my head. I didn't understand part of it," 12-year-old Crystal Escobar said.

For 13-year-old Vanessa Tostado, it was a rare opportunity to get help with a paper she's writing for class.

"My question was 'how did he feel about other religions and cultures,' and he said there's only one religion and there's only one God. So I think he answered it pretty well," she said.

Vanessa's father Efren Godinez said his daughter worked almost two weeks to find the right question.

"She made 10 to 20 questions, and she started taking them one by one, until she found the right one that she asked him," he said.

Then it was time for a group photo as the Dalai Lama wrapped up his visit.

In coming to the Bay Area, the Dalai Lama asked to meet with young people, and he clearly met some quite remarkable ones.

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