Monterey Co. residents warned of lead in candy


The "Candy El Pecas Saladitos con Chile" and "Candy El Pecas Saladitos con Limon" are salted plums distributed by Candy El Pecas, a company based in Chula Vista, a city near San Diego.

Recent analysis by the California Department of Public Helath determined the "Saladitos con Chile" contained lead levels as high as 0.70 parts per million, while the "Saladitos con Limon" contained lead levels as high as 0.42 parts per million.

Consumption of the products could result in lead exposure that exceeds the maximum legal limit by as much as seven times, according to the Monterey County Public Health Department.

The bags have a green, white and red label showing a picture of a boy. Consumers in possession of the candy should discard it immediately, according to public health officials.

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