Former 'Phantom' turns into painter


"I just started painting a while back, kind of like singing. One day, I didn't do it, never thought about it, the next day I did," says d'Ambrosio.

It is an unexpected turn of artistic expression for d'Ambrosio. His voice hasn't changed, but his artwork has. D'Ambrosio "the painter" uses colors, a canvas, and uses an unusual technique starting with layers of color.

"I take paint off and the moment when it is off and it feels right, then I know I'm done," says d'Ambrosio while describing a painting. "It looks like there should be texture, but there is not...because I hit this so many times with the hose."

There are two pieces that are a tribute to his phantom co-star Lisa Vroman.

"Because she is so bigger than life and has such ginormous talent," says d'Ambrosio.

As his work progressed, d'Ambrosio started posting his paintings on Facebook. That peaked the interested of the owners of the ArtHaus Gallery.

"He wrote back in big capitals, 'WE NEED TO TALK,"" says d'Ambrosio.

And his show is the result. It will be up through Dec. 23 2010. His art work is selling and he's been commissioned to do pieces. He attributes his theatrical training for his art success.

"I learned the discipline, the same kind of theatrical discipline that I apply work, to the art work,"

He assures us Franc the painter won't replace Franc the performer.

"I'm not going to give up the greasepaint for the oil paint, not just yet," says d'Ambrosio.

D'Ambrosio is creating his version of the song "The Music of the Night."

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