Mountain lion spotted by hiker


A hiker walking on a trail above Indian Rock Court reported seeing a mountain lion perched on a rock overlooking the surrounding valley at about 4:15 p.m. Sunday, police said.

Police searched the area, but did not see the big cat, police said. The California Department of Fish and Game and the Marin County Humane Society were subsequently alerted to the sighting, police said.

Police officers then went door-to-door throughout the neighborhood near the area where the mountain lion was sighted and distributed informational pamphlets from the Department of Fish and Game enlightening residents to safety precautions around pumas, police said.

First, the police department stressed that it is illegal in California for people to feed deer, and that doing so is likely to attract mountain lions.

Police also cautioned people not to let pets outside during mountain lions' active hunting times at dawn, dusk, and night. Furthermore, pet food should not be left outside as it could attract cougar prey like raccoons and opossums, police said.

If a resident should cross paths with a mountain lion, police advise that people should not run. Rather, one should face the animal and try to look bigger by waving arms and throwing objects like rocks at the big cat, police said.

If one should be attacked by a mountain lion, the smart thing to do is fight back, police said.

More information on coexisting with wildlife is available on the Department of Fish and Game website,, police said.

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