Tips to avoid being mislead by food labels

The labels on some snack bars say they contain fiber, but Good Housekeeping's executive editor says that doesn't guarantee it's a healthy fiber.

"When products like snack bars claim to have a lot of fiber -- that usually means they're fortified with isolated fiber. Those don't have the same health benefits as fiber found in fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains," said Good Housekeeping's executive editor Jenny Cook.

She says the words "made with whole grains" on packaging, usually means it contains both white flour and whole grain flour.

"If it says 7-grain, 12-grain or multi-grain -- that could also mean it's a blend or refined and whole grains and you want to stay away from refined grains," said Cook.

And finally bars with fruit filling may not have all that much fruit. It may have some fruit, but not enough to meet your daily fruit requirement.

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