ID tracking proposal for nightclubs in SF


A plan in San Francisco to prevent violence is drawing heated debate. The proposal could require nightclubs to take your picture, get your personal information and share it with other night clubs. That's according to an article in the San Francisco Examiner.

Supporters say something needs to be done about the violence and there has been a lot of that recently. There have been shootings at six different nightclubs in the past nine months. All told, 12 people shot, Five killed. Among them was a German tourist just walking down the street near Union Square - that in a city where tourism is the number one industry.

The city is turning the screws on the entertainment commission, so it's looking to high tech. There is equipment that allows nightclubs to take a photograph of everyone entering a nightclub and collect personal information, like name, date of birth and time of visit. It also allows clubs to make notations about that person, such as whether he or she was rowdy or even just rude and share that with other clubs using the same technology. San Francisco police want that information kept for 15 days in some cases. Some attorneys say it would be a clear violation of a person's right to privacy. But others say using the information to track troublemakers could save lives.

One member of the entertainment commission says "we just want to know what is available out there. So we can have an idea of what we may or may not use."

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