Despite high seat belt usage, more CA enforcement

November 15, 2010 8:33:58 PM PST
Better be buckled up, another "Ticket or Click It" campaign by law enforcement agencies around the state has begun. Apparently it doesn't matter how good we are, officers are still after us.

Californians recently hit an all-time high rate for seat belt usage -- 96 percent of drivers and passengers in California wear their seatbelts. That is way above the nationwide rate.

"In California, with our 96.2 percent rate, we're so far ahead of the rest of the nation, they have a rate of about 84 percent, that puts us in the top three to five states nationally in seat belt usage rate," says Chris Cochran with the California Office of Traffic.

Traffic safety officials say the 4 percent who don't buckle up represent about a million people, and they are the ones targeted.