Multiple arrests after crime spree in Oakland


Police say the suspects are all young people who drove around Thursday morning robbing people on the street. They were caught at the Seminary Gas and Food Stop, located at 6235 Seminary Avenue. Four people are in custody; they include three young women and one young man. Another young man may be arrested as well.

This started at dawn in Central Oakland with a series of robberies. Two of those robberies were committed in the area of 22nd Avenue and International. A third robbery took place near Highland Hospital on 19th Avenue. A man was shot in the arm during the robbery and has non-life threatening injuries.

After the robberies, witnesses gave descriptions of a gold Lexus which was spotted at the Seminary Gas and Food Stop just after 8:30 a.m.

"One of the beat officers came out to East Oakland and found the suspected vehicle that was used in those robberies at the gas station behind me. The vehicle was occupied. They were detained at gunpoint. Some of the occupants of the vehicle had already gone into the store and so when more units came to the scene, we were able to get them all out individually, along with customers and workers from the store," said Oakland Police Lt. Fred Mestas.

The suspects were not robbing the Seminary Gas and Food Stop. They went there to get gas.

Police are saying it could be some time before they are able to figure out who in the car committed the robberies.

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