Father makes personal plea for kids on YouTube


There's no word yet, but more than 2,000 people have watched his YouTube video. He is hoping it will continue to spread and eventually reach his target audience.

He didn't rehearse or write out what he was going to say. Smith just sat down in front of a camera and spoke from the heart to his two children -- whom he hasn't seen in 13 years. The video was posted on YouTube on Monday; he's been an emotional wreck all week.

"Just a million emotions ranging from anger to despair to the what ifs and every time the phone rings, I just don't know," says Smith.

Smith hasn't seen Chelsea or Zachary, since they were 6 and 9 years old. He says their mother abducted them during their custody battle. She first accused him of sexual, verbal and physical abuse, but once all those allegations against him were cleared and he started to seek full custody, he says she took off.

"I want you to know that this entire time since Dec 19, 1997, I have loved you, I have never stopped thinking about you, I think about you daily, and I miss you on a daily basis," says Smith in the video.

He made the video now because he just heard from the FBI Chelsea and Zachary have been located and they told investigators they don't want to see their father.

"I don't know anything beyond that. They're over the age of 18, the privacy laws kick in and rightly so," says Smith.

He decided to turn to YouTube in the hopes his video will go viral and will somehow be seen by his kids.

Smith feels very vulnerable having this video out there, but he doesn't care. He just hopes this message will reach his kids.

"If they don't call me, if they don't make contact, I'll be extremely, extremely disappointed, but I harbor no ill will towards them whatsoever, they're victims," says Smith.

Smith also hopes his video will serve as a deterrent to keep other parents from abducting their children.

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