Gadget fans ready for Black Friday deals

COLMA, Calif.

A line has already formed at the Best Buy on Colma with mostly men, as they can't wait to get their hands on some of the Black Friday deals. The store doesn't open until 5 a.m. on Friday, but some gadget junkies are braving the cold.

Some of the most sought-after items on sale include laptops, iPods, digital cameras and TVs.

"It's the deals inside for all those digital products we want, and it's just a tradition for us," Black Friday camper Greg Wing said.

"Gosh, it is so cold in here, it's freezing out here. I had to do a couple of runs back home to get some extra blankets and an extra jacket," Black Friday camper Joe Pendes said.

"Earlier this morning we gave them doughnuts, you know, just making it comfortable for them. These guys are die-hard Best Buy consumers. They are here for a reason," Best Buy employee Joe Menrig said.

For some of the guys in this line, this is their third or fourth time that they have taken part and officials at Best Buy said they are organized and ready for this, since it does happen every year. They are even going to put port-a-potties for their customers this year.

Kit Yarrow, Ph.D., a consumer psychologist at Golden Gate University, says it is not surprising stores like Walmart, The Gap, Banana Republic, and now, even Sears are open on Thanksgiving, even if it doesn't bring in the dollars the retailers want.

"They're getting some notoriety around being open on Thanksgiving and the name of that retailer is being put out in front of consumers over and over again, which is exactly what all retailers right now want is to be on the top of mind of consumers," says Yarrow.

Toys-R-Us will open Thursday at 10 p.m. for their sales, and Macy's and Walmart will start their sales at 5 a.m.

Lisa Amin Gulezian contributed to this report.

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