BART phasing out EZ Rider cards at some stations


BART is phasing out the EZ Rider card starting at some BART stations. By December 22, the EZ Rider card will be completely blocked at all BART stations. That means an unpleasant surprise for possibly thousands of BART riders. Anywhere from 5,000 to 8,000 riders a week still had not made the transition to the Clipper card despite letters and e-mails from BART.

At the height, about 50,000 people used the EZ Rider card, as a temporary way to pay for BART fares until the long-delayed Clipper card was ready for use. The smart cards are very similar, with a computer chip allowing riders to load value onto their cards either by paying cash or linking it to a credit card of bank account. If you have an EZ Rider card, go to the EZ Rider website to deactivate the card and switch to the Clipper card. You could also go to Walgreen's or, or visit a transit agency ticket booth, including at the underground downtown San Francisco BART stations.

You'll be able to use the Clipper card on BART, Muni, Golden Gate Transit, AC Transit and Caltrain and eventually on all transit systems in the Bay Area. You can also use it to pay for BART parking.

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