SF's Disney Museum features special Christmas film


Diane Disney Miller, Walt Disney's daughter is excited about the unique holiday celebrations at the Walt Disney Family Museum in the San Francisco Presidio as she showed ABC7 News around.

It's the start of the holiday run of a movie you can only see at the museum. The stars of the movie are Diane and her late adopted sister, Sharon in home movies, as they grew up. Much of the footage was shot by their dad Walt Disney.

"He loved his home, very home centered, that's the way he grew up. He drove us to school," Diane said.

Diane says the movie, "Christmas with Walt Disney" is a 51-minute Blue Ray film intercut with home movies and cartoons. The project was produced by Don Hahn, whose credits include The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. He convinced her to narrate it, and the whole project made her a little nervous because she's a very private person.

"Not only the voice, but my home movies, when we decided to do that it was not easy. Nobody likes to watch other people's home movies, or do they?" she said. "People have said to me, don't you feel you've exposed yourself too much. Well we had to do that, to show my dad, because he was the cameraman and his look at his family."

She said her dad thought he was a good ice skater with some Charlie Chaplin moves.

"I think, not meant to be funny, trying to ice skate in some of the footage, you'll see him, but he didn't do too well, not too well," Diane said.

Diane hopes new generations will come to know her father the way she remembers him.

"He was a good man who did what he loved to do, was very successful at it. He liked people, his aim was to give people something in entertainment that had value," she said.

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