Pit bull believed to be involved in SJ attack captured

SAN JOSE, Calif.

The attack took place around 6:30 p.m. Monday near Whitesand Drive and Aborn Road. The attack was so vicious, it left a pool of dried blood on the driveway.

Susan Zhao was bitten twice on her back, on her leg and most viciously on her arm while simply trying to get something from her minivan. She tried to defend herself with her keys, but to no avail.

Zsao's neighbor Juan Valencia had just pulled into his driveway and saw the attack. Valencia saw one dog protecting the other dog as it knocked Zsao down and attacked her.

"So I grabbed the brick, I hit one of them and the other one was on top of the girl, she was laying on her back, kept on shaking her. I grabbed a few more rocks. I hit the first one with the rocks too. I saw that she let go to look at me, that's when I hit them with another brick and they kind of took off to the bushes," Valencia said.

Just moments before that attack, the pit bulls had Maricel Rom trapped in her car just down the street.

"I couldn't get out of my car because the dog was walking around. I called my dad and said, 'Don't go outside and don't open the garage because the dog might go inside,'" Rom said.

Rom and her father chased the dogs off, but only towards another victim and only to return again moments later.

"When the dog went there and then tried to attack the man, we tried to hold the attention of the dog. We shouted at the dog and the dog ran to us again," neighbor Bart Bakigan said.

Animal control officers are fairly certain that these are not stray pit bulls and that they belong to somebody within about a mile radius.

Given the severity of the attack, authorities say this will likely become a vicious dog case, involving a hearing that could determine the fate of the dogs.

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