173 victims ID'd after crime ring busted


Hillsborough police don't contend with a lot of crime, but a couple of inspectors were following up on a reported burglary this past August.

"There was a lot of property taken from the home while the family was away at a funeral. There were cars or a car was taken," says Peter Gould from the Hillsborough Police.

Inspector Nick Chinca traced the car and after a lot of twists and turns the trail led to a house in Oakland.

"When we hit the house one of the suspects actually answered the door with her dog and we found all this," says Gould.

All this includes paintings piled on the floor, stolen property stacked in hallways, silverware, luggage, personal papers, and a huge mess.

"Like a bomb went off in a flea market. Every horizontal service was covered with property, whether it was sculptures art work half-eaten food," says Gould.

"It was disgusting, frankly. It was just clothes and garbage," says Chinca.

Police arrested 42-year-old Beverly Aldabashi and her boyfriend Robert Alarid who was already in prison for another crime and they started linking the evidence to burglaries all over the Bay Area.

"Primarily, we've gotten a lot from Piedmont, Oakland, Hercules, Los Altos, Dublin, Berkeley, Pittsburgh, Orinda, San Francisco, San Anselmo..." says Chinca.

The list goes on and they're not done tracking it all -- they could use a little help.

"Emeryville, Novato, Albany, Richmond, Mill Valley, Lafayette..." says Chinca. When asked how many victims he thought there were, he says, "Oh gosh, we've uncovered 173 as a result of our initial investigation. A final number is anybody's guess."

The job now is finding all the victims and getting the property returned. ABC7 and the police have taken pictures of some of the property for the burglary victims to claim.

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