Oakland police pursuit prevented gang shooting


Oakland police say at about 1:30 Monday afternoon, they learned that a gang retaliation shooting was planned for west Oakland.

"Officers received additional information that a 1990 maroon Lincoln sedan would be associated with the attack and the occupants were armed with an assault weapon," Asst. Chief Howard Jordan said.

About an hour later the car was spotted and a three mile chase ended with a crash at 33rd Street and 13th Avenue. The four suspects ran. Two officers chased 19-year-old suspect Obataiye Edwards.

"They pursued Mr. Edwards alongside of a house; he stopped, came face to face with the officer, he drew that pistol… the officer fired at him, fired shots at Mr. Edwards," acting Lt. Tony Jones said.

Edwards was pronounced dead at the scene.

A SKS assault rifle was found in the car. It is the same kind of gun used in the March 2009 killings of four Oakland police officers.

One other suspect was taken into custody Tuesday morning and two are outstanding.

"We tried to do everything we could to safely intercept this vehicle and these occupants before they could go and commit this shooting," Jones said.

Edward's mother Octavia says she is angry and sad.

"Obataiye, Oba means 'king,' Taiye means 'of the world,' and that's what he was, beautiful, a king," she said.

Octavia says her son had a good heart, he was goofy and smart and loved kids. She says she does not have many details yet, but hopes to know more about her son's death.

"Tomorrow or the next day he'll be old news and it will be somebody else's son or somebody else's daughter," she said.

Police say there is a standard internal affairs investigation into the shooting underway.

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