Finding lost dog may help San Bruno victims heal


Alan and Cindy Braun haven't seen their dog Lilly since the San Bruno gas line blew up in September, less than 100 feet from their home. They have a pending lawsuit against PG&E so they are not talking about how they survived the blast, but they're making a plea to anyone who can help find the 8-year-old dog they love so much.

The instinct to survive the San Bruno gas line explosion meant reacting in split seconds and leaving loved ones behind.

"It was really so fast that it's hard to explain how we barely got out," says Cindy.

Unfortunately, Cindy's 81-year-old mother, Elizabeth Torres, did not survive the blast. And there's also another family member who's still missing -- Alan and Cindy Braun's dog, Lilly.

"One of us should've had her. I thought she did, she thought I did. It was just hectic," says Allen.

"I saw her in the kitchen, but that was the last time I saw her and I don't recall anything," says Cindy.

Cindy spent two months in a medically-induced coma with burns over 60 percent of her body. Allen also spent two months in the hospital.

"Somebody told her they saw Lilly running down the hill after the explosion and fire, so I'm hoping somebody's got her and will come forward with her," says Allen.

Lilly is a 17-pound, blonde wire-hair terrier mix, with brown eyes and a long tail who is well liked by the neighbors.

"I never had a dog as smart as she was," says Allen.

"We used to give her money for pizza to pay the pizza man. And she'd bring it," says Cindy.

The couple's physical healing is expected to take a year or two, but they say Lilly's energy and positive attitude would definitely ease their pain.

"To have my dog back would be just great. It would make everything a lot easier to deal with," says Allen.

"It wouldn't feel like such a hole... I can see her little face," says Cindy.

Allen and Cindy rescued Lilly from the San Mateo SPCA. She was wearing a pink collar with tags, but the tags have an old number that doesn't work anymore, so they're depending on the community to help out.

Currently, there is a $300 reward for Lilly's return.

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