DUI check points set up for holiday weekend


"We know the next of kin, we know where they work, we have their cell phone number and we contact everybody and that's when they want to take care of those warrants," Livermore police spokesperson Ofc. Traci Rebiejo said.

The list contains men and women of various backgrounds, with one thing in common -- failure to satisfy the court on charges related to the operation of a vehicle while under the influence.

These are just the latest efforts of law enforcement agencies to reduce the number of DUIs.

As officers across the Bay Area gear up for a busy holiday weekend, DUI checkpoints will be used as another law enforcement tool. It appears to be working, numbers of DUI arrests are down from last year.

"We don't keep it a secret; we let everyone know what we're looking for during the holiday period because we know there is an increase of people driving. And if we stop you, you are definitely going to jail because we take a zero tolerance approach," CHP spokesperson Sgt. Trent Cross said.

There are additional costs as well. According to one Bay Area legal analyst, a DUI can cause a serious dent to your wallet, with the combined fees, test, insurance and towing costing as much as $16,000.

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