49er great Brent Jones helps a local boy

January 25, 2011 12:31:07 AM PST
In the South Bay, a family's call for help was answered by a sports hero. Former San Francisco 49er star Brent Jones stepped up to help change a boy's life.

"He called up, introduced himself, no different than anyone else in the world," says San Jose Police Sgt. Tom Navin.

When Navin put the word out that he was raising funds to get his child, Louis, a service dog to help with his severe seizures, he never dreamed he'd get a call from Jones, but he did Monday morning along with a check for $10,000.

"This was not about him by any stretch of the imagination, this was about Louis and this was about Andi and I. This was squarely that he was taken aback about the story and this was something he really wanted to do for Louis," said Navin.

Louis, 9, suffers from severe epileptic seizures along with weakness in his muscles and low oxygen levels. Two years ago doctors implanted the child with a generator. Placing a magnet over his chest that sends electronic impulses eases the seizures. The hope is that the dog "Button" will be trained to assist in emergencies.

"The dog would later be trained to wear the magnet on its collar and then if Louis had a seizure, the dog would lay its head on his chest and stop the seizure," said Andi Naven, Louis' mother.

With the help from Jones and complete strangers, the family has raised $20,000. Needless to say the family is over whelmed with gratitude and for Louis, he'll begin his training with Button in June.

"To have a day that we've had today, has been incredible," said Navin.