Santa Cruz Ice Cream shop owners invited to Washington

January 25, 2011 1:20:23 AM PST
President Barack Obama will deliver his annual State of the Union message Tuesday night and a couple from Santa Cruz will be there as guests of first lady Michelle Obama.

Kendra Baker and Zachary Davis opened the Penny Ice Creamery last year. Their store makes and sells organic, homemade ice cream.

They received a loan from the U.S. Small Business Administration as part of the federal stimulus package to jump start their dream. The president plans to focus his speech on creating jobs and expanding the economy.

"My number one focus is going to be making sure that we are competitive, that we are growing, and that we are creating jobs, not just now, but well into the future," said Obama.

Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin will deliver the GOP's response to the president's speech.

Ryan chairs the House Budget Committee and he's considered to be a rising, Republican star.