Shoppers preview Oakland Museum rammage sale

January 30, 2011 6:17:11 PM PST
The Oakland Museum of California gave a sneak peek of its annual white elephant sale Sunday.

Shoppers at the preview sale got to wander the aisles of a 96,000 square foot warehouse in their hunt for unique treasures. Members of the public have donated vintage clothing, jewelry, fine art, collectibles, furniture, tools and more.

"I've been coming here for thirty years. I'm a die-hard shopper. I bought everything out of the white elephant sale and now I think I'm going to end up eating bologna sandwiches for supper," said shopper Marjorie Jackson. "My husband's going to die when he sees what I bought because he's going to say, 'What do you need if for?' But, you always need something."

The main event is in March. It is one of the biggest rummage sales in the state. It has been a fundraiser for the Oakland Museum since 1959.