Meet a local member of the Never Miss a Super Bowl Club

There is a group of 4 men that are a part of the Never Miss a Super Bowl Club and one of them lives in the Bay Area.

January 31, 2011 7:49:11 PM PST
Super Bowl I was played in Los Angeles 44 years ago and you could get a great seat for $12. Super Bowl XLV is coming up Sunday and seats in the last row of the new Cowboys' stadium are being scalped for almost $3,000 apiece. Four men have been to every single Super Bowl and one of them lives in the Bay Area.

"Super Bowl Program identified us as individuals who had been to every Super Bowl," says San Francisco native Larry Jacobson.

Jacobson and three other men were seen in a Visa commercial. They are the only members of the "Never Miss A Super Bowl Club" and now they hook up annually before the big game.

"We get together for lunch every year now and we repeat everything we've said, but we're all in our 70s so we don't remember what we said last time so it's all like a new conversation," says Jacobson. "We all have the same backgrounds, were really hot on the Super Bowl, we had wives that supported us."

Jacobson has enjoyed every one of the big games, especially when our local teams were playing.

"I would tell people, 'You know, about a third of the Super Bowls or more than one quarter of the Super Bowls have been Bay Area teams and that's pretty spectacular,'" says Jacobson.

The Raiders won the first here in the Bay Area beating Minnesota in Super Bowl X1.

"I was more of a Raider fan early on because they were a more interesting team and the characters were more interesting than they are now," says Jacobson.

In Super Bowl XXIII, Jacobson was sitting in the end zone when Joe Montana hit John Taylor for the game winner against Cincinnati.

"I thought he was running too fast for Montana to reach him before he ran out of the end zone. It was absolutely the most spectacular play I've ever seen," says Jacobson.

Jacobson has memorabilia from every game including patches, pins, cups, and even football cards of himself. He also has a program from all 44 games, including Super Bowl 16.

The NFL should give these guys a Super Bowl ring for attending all 44 games.

"I'm happy when I get a ticket, let alone a ring," says Jacobson.

The league makes sure these four sit together now and even though the 71-year-old has not missed a Super Bowl, he has missed a few other events.

"I've missed weddings, I've missed babies being born, but I have no intention of missing a Super Bowl, ever," says Jacobson.