Another Napa State Hospital worker attacked

NAPA, Calif.

Workers who spokes with ABC7 say the sexual attack happened during the night shift at Unit A7 in the part of Napa State Hospital which houses civilly committed patients. They say Tobar, a patient, sexually assaulted a female psychiatric technician. A nurse who was in the same unit came to her rescue, and according to the sources, Tobar also began attacking her.

Maj Yazidi, a nurse who works at the hospital says that Tobar, 30, had been secluded from other patients because he exhibited bad behavior.

"He was already at risk for assaults and stuff like that," Yazidi said. "He was dangerous to begin with."

Hospital police arrested Tobar. Bail has been set at $250,000.

Last week, a patient was seriously injured when he sustained a head injury after falling from a balcony in the courtyard of the same unit. He was taken to a hospital where he remains in critical but stable condition, according to hospital authorities.

Sources who work in that unit tell ABC7 they believe that patient, who they say was under close observation because of strange behavior, jumped off the building. The sources say the wall of the balcony is too high for anyone to accidentally fall.

"You would have to climb the wall to get to the top of the balcony," one source said..

These two incidents bring the question of security at Napa State Hospital to another level. Both occurred in an area of the hospital that workers say is less dangerous, not the so-called forensics area where the criminally insane and the most violent patients are housed.

Psych tech Donna Gross was murdered in that section last October. A patient, Jess Massey, has been charged in that case. In December, another patient, Sean Bouchie, was arrested there for brutally beating a hospital therapist.

Since Gross' murder, hospital workers have asked for more security. Now, Yazidi and other workers say now they do not feel safe in any area of the hospital.

"No more talking, no more trying to think about it and 'let's have a survey, lets have a referendum,' we need action," Yazidi said.

Hospital officials declined comment.

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