Classrooms ransacked at E. Oakland Pride Elementary


Students and teachers returned to school Monday morning to find that robbers not only stole laptops, overhead projectors, a safe and other equipment from East Oakland Pride Elementary, but they also trashed the building.

Windows were smashed, the principal's office door destroyed and metal window coverings bent back. Offices and classrooms were ransacked. In all, 30 rooms were vandalized.

The destruction comes after volunteers packed the campus on Saturday to paint a new football field and other games on the playground.

"We were so excited to see the kids' expressions when they came to school today," school worker Liz Torres said. "Instead, this is what they get."

School workers say there have been about 10 break-ins at the school in just three years. There's no money for cameras or around the clock security. In fact, after school lets out, there is just one school police officer to guard the 100 school sites in this district.

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