Tornado tears off tin roof in Santa Rosa

Storm damage in Santa Rosa. (Photo submitted by heatherette707 via uReport)

March 18, 2011 6:28:41 PM PDT
A tornado with winds from 86 to 110 MPH blew through a Santa Rosa neighborhood on Friday morning, ripping off a landscaping company's corrugated metal roof and causing other minor damage. According to the National Weather Service says the twister occurred at 9:15 a.m. It is the first confirmed tornado in the Bay Area in about a decade.

The hardest hit was a neighborhood near the intersection of King and Pacific streets. The tornado tore through a shed, hurling the roof onto Pacific St. and metal debris was strewn over a wide area. A portion of the roof landed on a tree across the street.

The twister split another tree in half in the yard on a house on King st. It also buckled part of a garage door of a warehouse which stored about a dozen antique cars, including a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. Fortuntately, the monster winds did no damage to the automobiles.

There were no reports of injuries.