Former Warriors coach Don Nelson enjoys retired life


"I'm staying away from the team. I did see Steph [Stephen Curry] in the elevator the other day, he lives in this building as a matter of fact. So we had a chance to embrace and say hello, but other than that, I've pretty well stayed away. Monta [Ellis] and I have text a couple of times. Other than that, I'm a Maui guy and a Warrior fan," said Nelson.

When asked about Andris Biedrins and what could possibly get him back on track, Nelson said, "League-wise, he'd probably be a backup in most places, so he's not a real good player. He has holes in his game. He struggles offensively. Everybody knows about his free throw, he can't make free throws."

Biedrins' free throws became part of a joke actually. Nelson joked, part of the reason he got fired was because he tried to get Biedrins to shoot free throws underhand.

"That was a joke. That's not the reason I got fired. I got fired because they wanted to make a change and I understand that and actually, I totally agreed with them that a change was in order here," said Nelson.

When asked about his impressions of the owners, Joe Lacob and Peter Guber, Nelson said, "Well, I've only met Joe's son, Kurt. I've talked to Joe on the phone a couple of times and I've never met Guber so I don't really know very much about them, but they sound like really nice fellows and I think it was a very big positive for our ball club."

When asked if he thought Keith deserved another year, Nellie responded, "Well, yeah. I'm prejudiced to Keith. I love that man, he's a wonderful human being and I think he's done a pretty good job this year."

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