PG&E to submit opt-out proposal for SmartMeters

Two weeks ago, the California Public Utilities Commission gave them a deadline of today to come up with the plan. The concerns center around health problems some associate with the radio frequencies emitted from the meters. PG&E proposed turning off those radios and reading energy usage manually. The cost of $600 over two years would be passed on to consumers who choose to opt out.

"This proposal is outlined to be fair. It's fair to our customers to have smart meters and its fair to customers who would opt out of the SmartMeter technology," PG&E spokesperson Paul Moreno said.

"Please don't allow PG&E to put more smoke & mirrors in front of the public. Please don't add further harm to the negligence that already surrounds this program, Vicky Sievers, who opposes SmartMeters said.

The CPUC must still vote on PG&E's plan.

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