Student participate in DUI avoidance campaign

March 24, 2011 6:58:55 PM PDT
An entire high school saw how a celebration can turn tragic when a drunk driver gets behind the wheel. San Francisco police and firefighters staged this simulated crash outside Saint Ignatius College Prep on 37th Avenue in the Sunset District.

Students watched as their classmates played the roles of the victims and the drunk driver. it's part of a program called Every 15 Minutes.

"I've been involved with this program since 1998 and students, years later, have told me it definitely made an impact. It's a very strong message," SFPD Officer Matt Balzarini said.

The students portrayed what organizers call "the living dead." They represented the people who get killed every day by drunk drivers. Several other Bay Area high schools and police departments plan to hold similar events this spring.