CSU students, faculty held rallies statewide


One of the protests took place at CSU Hayward.

"I'm fighting for my future as a faculty member and I'm fighting for my students' future. We deserve a future and without public education we will not have a future," said CSU Prof. Luz Calvo.

Students and faculty here all have stories of packed classrooms, a lack of supplies, broken technology and tuition increases that put college classes out of reach for many.

"I'm a peer advisor on campus. The freshman are coming in and automatically the first quarter they are taking out loans. I didn't have to do that. The opportunities are different than when I started here in 2006," said CSU student Abby Andrade.

They're not only concerned about what has already happened, but what is yet to come.

"They're looking to cut $500 million from CSU, but now it's looking like that is going to be double and we are looking at $1 billion cuts to CSU next year. It's catastrophic that level of cuts," said Calvo.

Students and faculty had a full day of demonstrations planned. They're calling for cuts at the administrative level, instead of cuts to the classroom. Cal State administration refused to comment on the protests.

"I think we have to start making demands on our state legislature and how much we value public education in our state. That's what made our state great and if we don't defend it - really what will happen to California," said Calvo.

They are also calling for the resignation of Chancellor Charles Reed. His office said they appreciate the sentiment, but the students need to drag their energy toward Sacramento, that is where the cuts are being made.

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