Officers search for dogs that attacked woman

SAN JOSE, Calif.

Late Wednesday night, San Jose resident Dawn Wilson took her white Siberian husky, named Shadow, out for a walk at Cataldi Park as she rode her tricycle, animal control Sgt. Jay Terrado said.

Shortly after midnight, Terrado said, "Out of nowhere, two dogs started attacking her dog." Wilson tried, for nearly half an hour, to break up the fight, even using a bicycle chain to hit one of the dogs, Terrado said.

At some point, the dogs stopped attacking and scurried away, but not before biting Wilson on the front and back of her hands, her wrist, and her face. She also suffered bruising on her knees and legs.

Wilson was treated for minor lacerations and severe bites at the Palo Alto Veterans Affairs hospital and has been released.

Shadow, however, suffered a much harsher fate. His injuries - among them a broken leg and broken jaw - were so bad that he had to be euthanized that morning at an emergency veterinary clinic in Fremont, Terrado said.

After the attack, the dogs fled and remain at-large.

Wilson described one as a tan pit bull and the other as a black, larger dog similar to a pit bull. Neither dog was wearing a collar or identity tag.

Terrado said animal control officers have been canvassing the neighborhoods near the park and talking to residents, but there are no solid leads on the owner of the dogs.

Animal control will also send out letters to residents of those neighborhoods asking if they have information about the dogs or its owner, Terrado said.

The owner could face a citation or criminal charge, depending on the history of the dogs, Terrado said.

Furthermore, the dogs could be euthanized if they are found to be vicious.

"We urge people to use caution out there," Terrado said.

He advised residents to immediately call 911 if they see the dogs, or San Jose Animal Care and Services at (408) 578-7297 if they have information.

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