Beaten Giants fan suffers setback in recovery


Doctors had to put him back in a medically-induced coma Saturday after he had several seizures. Stow's surgeon decided to try and bring the 42-year-old out of his medically induced coma on Friday.

ESPN spoke to his parents Sunday about how they learned about the attack.

"Bryan's supervisor had called, said that Bryan had been involved in a fight at Dodger Stadium," his mother Ann recalled. "We're out of bed, throwing stuff together, making airline reservations. We still did not know the extent of his injuries. We were talking to his friend that was with him the whole time and Cory shared some information. We couldn't get a flight until 7:00 Friday. We're just praying. 'Hold on Bryan. Hold on, we're coming.' Did not have information until we got to the hospital and then we were hit with the brain injury."

Doctors say they will be monitoring Stow's condition to see when they can begin reducing his medications again.

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