Mt Diablo students organize teach-in on furlough day


The teach-in started at 9 this morning. The students are actually the ones who came up with this idea after the district and teachers negotiated three furlough days to save money and avoid layoffs. The students decided rather than take the day off, they would organize this event. There are a series of booths and mini classes, all designed for the students to learn how to make themselves heard in this era of deep cuts to education.

"Why didn't you just stay home today, or do something else?" asked ABC7's Laura Anthony.

"Because as a student I believe that if I would have just stayed home then nobody would do anything for me. Nobody is going to talk and speak out for what we believe in, for our education," said student Monica Rivera.

Monica happens to be a senior at Mt. Diablo High School, but the participants are students, parents and teachers from the district's 50 school sites. The students are the ones doing the teaching. Among the booths is one where students learn how to write a letter to a lawmaker. They are also encouraging students who are 18 years of age to get out and vote.

The event goes until 1:30 p.m. today.

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