Former task force agent accused of running brothel


Private investigator Chris Butler claims in a 34 page report that he and former Contra Costa County narcotics officer Norman Wielsch ran a brothel on Gregory Lane called "My Divine Skin" from 2009 to 2010. The two were once on the Antioch police force together. Recently they were both charged with selling drugs that were allegedly taken from the police evidence rooms.

Wielsch's attorney said Butler's story is not believable.

"Butler admits apparently that he went to buy the furniture, that he signed the lease, he ran the place, and he collected the money, but 'it wasn't me and I gave all that money to other people, I didn't keep but a very small part of it.' If you want to believe that I have bridges and oceans that I would like to sell you pieces of," said Norman Wielsch's attorney Michael Cardoza.

According to Cardoza, Butler is making up the story to reduce his prison sentence for selling drug evidence if he is convicted. Wielsch is currently out on $450,000 bail.

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