Second attack this week occurs at Napa State

NAPA, Calif.

In a written statement, the hospital will only confirm that there was a written attack on a patient by another patient Wednesday night. No other details were released, but ABC7 has learned it was violent and bloody.

"If it has to be the National Guard to ensure safety, I would say bring them," said Mike Jarschke, a Napa State Hospital psych tech.

Jarschke echoes the sentiments of other workers who've talked to ABC7. Wednesday night's attack happened at about 9 p.m. in the forensics unit -- the section of the hospital where the criminally insane and most violent patients are held.

Victor Mandujano has been charged with the brutal assault on a fellow patient in their bedroom. The nurse who responded to the emergency spoke to ABC7, but only wanted her first name to be used.

"The victim was lying next to his bed. He appeared to be severely beaten. Blood was all over his face and on the wall," said "Tea".

This is the second attack here in four days. On Sunday, another patient in the forensics unit assaulted a psych tech. ABC7 News has learned that Wednesday night, police arrested patient Glen Patrick Bennett, for an attack that happened March 30. There have been several highly publicized incidents and one murder since last fall.

In October, psych tech Donna Gross was killed by a patient who stalked her on the forensics unit grounds. Jess Massey has been charged with that murder. It was this case that galvanized hospital workers who are now demanding more security in the dangerous forensics unit.

Tea says Mandujano is a predator who's assaulted several patients in the past few days.

"It's his voices that causes him to act out in an aggressive manner of this nature," said Tea.

Psych tech Michelle Palmer worries about the safety of patients who she says are the victims of more assaults than staff.

"These people live here. They're here for treatment. And it is our job to protect them as best as we can, but we need the tools in order to do that," said Palmer.

The patient who was beaten Wednesday night was transferred to a local hospital, but that hospital has yet to return ABC7's calls. His condition is unknown. A staff member at Napa State Hospital told ABC7 when he was transferred, he was in very serious condition.

Staffers at Napa State Hospital are asking again when will these attacks stop and when will Sacramento help them out?

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