Harold Camping explains end is still near


"When May 21 came and went, it was a very difficult time for me. A very difficult time," said Camping.

The 89-year-old religious leader who received international attention for predicting the world would end last Saturday says he wasn't entirely wrong because May 21 signified the beginning of a "spiritual" reckoning.

"The whole world is under Judgment Day, this is it, and it will continue right up until October 21, 2011. And at that time, the whole world will be destroyed," said Camping.

Camping says he spent May 21 in a hotel because he didn't want to face the media and he takes no responsibility for people who gave away their possessions in anticipation of the May 21 prediction.

"We at Family Radio never tell anyone what they should do with their possessions. That's totally between them and God," said Camping.

Camping, who raised over a $100 million over seven years, says he won't give back the money used to promote the "End of Days" campaign because it still had purpose in spreading the gospel.

"I don't think he's maniacal or evil or anything like this. He's terribly misguided," said Brent Walters.

Walters is a professor of religion at San Jose State University and he is the host of "God Talk" on KGO Radio.

"He has done more with his prediction to undermine Christianity and to kind of make a mockery of the faith than anybody in my lifetime," said Walters.

Camping says he's taking down the signs and there will be no more reminders of his Oct. 21, 2011 end of world prediction.

ABC7 asked Camping if he would speak to us after October 21, and he replied he wouldn't need to because he's not going to be here.

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