Boy sends alert of attempted robbery over Facebook


Noah Armstrong says he saw the teenage boys enter his Manteca home while he was upstairs on his laptop. He sent his mom a Facebook message saying "come home, hurry please, they might steal my bike." Noah then hid in the bathtub. His mother was at work, but her co-worker was on Facebook and told her what was happening.

"I posted it on Facebook and sent my mom a message to come home, because these kids are in the backyard," said Noah Armstrong.

"I stood outside and yelled, 'Noah, who's in the house?' I saw one large kid running out the back door, practically jumped over and out the gate," said Noah's mother Meredith Stojanovich.

Manteca police caught two of the three teens. Noah couldn't call 911 for help because they don't have a landline at their house, just cell phones and, being a typical 11-year- old, he didn't know where his cell phone was.

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