Sheriff's deputies warn residents Cary Verse is back


Cary Verse has moved back to a neighborhood in Bay Point. He's lived in that community before and authorities want people to know he is there again.

The first time Cary Verse moved into the neighborhood six years ago it took residents by surprise and sparked a huge protest. To avoid upsetting neighbors again, sheriff's deputies repeated what they did in 2007. They distributed leaflets to more than a 1,000 homes, letting everyone know Verse is back.

About two dozen Contra Costa sheriff's deputies, detectives and reserve officers passed out flyers in the quiet Bay Point neighborhood. It shows a photo of 40-year-old Verse along with a list of the four sexual crimes of which he was convicted. Verse is no stranger to many of the Bay Point residents.

This is the third time he's moved into their neighborhood after spending time away for violating parole and medical treatment. He's just been released from Coalinga State Hospital after a prognosis that he is no longer a violent sexual predator.

In 2005, after being spurned in other Bay Area cities verse ended up here behind his counselor's offices. When neighbors found out they were furious.

"Neighbors got together and had a protest march," said resident Jerry Lockett.

Lockett was one of those protesters. He's baffled that Verse is back.

"I know he has a right to live wherever he wants, but if you're living somewhere where people don't want you, and are uncomfortable with you, and you make the neighborhood uncomfortable," said Lockett.

Verse will no longer have to wear an ankle bracelet that monitors his location 24 hours a day. He'll be free to go where he wants. That's one reason the sheriffs say they are warning the community.

"We have concerns he could re-offend, we don't know, but what we're trying to do at this point is to increase awareness, to notify the Bay Point community that a high-risk sex offender is living in the area," said Jimmy Lee from the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Department.

As a sex offender Verse will have to report to the county every 90 days. Attorney Tony Ash and his wife have counseled and let Verse live in one of their bungalows in Bay Point. Ash says Friday's leafleting is unfortunate.

"He's lived here for six years and there have not been any incidents, there has not been an allegation of criminal activity against him for 20 years. It causes a stir," said Ash.

Verse told ABC 7 News through a friend that he wouldn't be available to talk to us because he was enjoying his freedom without having to wear an ankle monitor. He's says he's out taking care of some mundane tasks he hasn't been able to do for years.

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