SF releases lengthy America's Cup report draft


The report is 1,600 pages long -- a very dense document, impossible to digest and review in a few hours. A task made even harder by the fact that people presenting the report did not want to talk specifics.

The morning briefing on the environmental impacts of the America's Cup was off camera, but after reporters asked what the biggest impacts were.

"Basically, what we took was a comprehensive look at the project description and then took a step back and said, 'What are the impacts of taking these approaches to this project,'" Project Coordinator for the Office of Economic and Workforce Development Michael Martin said.

Martin outlined the concerns: traffic, water, air quality, sea life and public access. But as to which area's were of greatest concern, he said the document speaks for itself.

"I don't want to say it in a way that sort of clouds people's ability to review the document," Martin said.

The port director admitted she could not say which were the biggest environmental concerns.

"Because I haven't studied it, because I'm not an environmental, you'll have to ask my environmental technicians, I think, who have all left the room," Monique Moyer said.

The executive director of the Planning and Conservation League said he did not know either because has not yet read it. But he's happy about the process.

"The city and the partners have really moved ahead they've been very engaged, they've engaged more than 30 environmental groups in the Bay Area," Bruce Reznik said.

One of them is the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, where they too are short on specifics.

"We've not made any kind of determination as to the report itself, but we are continuing to look at it," BAAQM spokesperson Damian Breen said.

A big part of the problem is that the document is 1,600 pages. The executive summary alone is 100 pages. But the city, the port, the planning and conservation league and the air quality board are all very upbeat.

"It appears that they've done a lot of good home work here and that a lot of the mitigation measure should be very successful," Breen said.

The Planning Commission will hear public comments on the report next month.

The 34th America's Cup: Draft Environmental Impact Report (PDF):
The 34th America's Cup: Draft Environmental Impact Report (Vol. 1)
The 34th America's Cup: Draft Environmental Impact Report (Vol. 2)
The 34th America's Cup: Draft Environmental Impact Report (Vol. 3)
The 34th America's Cup: Draft Environmental Impact Report (Vol. 4)

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