Identity theft group issues un-substantiated warning

July 29, 2011 9:26:37 PM PDT
People are starting to hit the streets, collecting signatures for their 2012 ballot measures, but, another group is issuing an un-substantiated warning that signing those petitions can be dangerous. Californians Against Identity Theft is airing an ad that features a man telling his wife she should not have signed a petition at the grocery store.

Here's what the ad says:

    Female voice: You mean I may have given my information to a criminal?
    Male voice: That's right. I even read that names and addresses on petitions were sent to other countries, including India.
    Female voice: Who knows what they did with it.
    Male voice: The legislature called it an identity theft starter kit.

Other identify theft experts are weighing in, saying there's no report of any petition signature ever leading to identity theft, probably because you only have to give your name and address. Some are concerned the ad will scare voters from signing petitions to put measures on the 2012 ballot.