Teen taken, later found after Antioch robbery


Monday evening, a 16-year-old boy was the focus of an AMBER Alert, but he was later found and the alert was canceled.

Antioch police said the incident started when the teenager walked in on a robbery in progress. He was then forced to drive the getaway car and police say he was later released by the robbery suspect.

Antioch police believe the robbery suspect is about 25-years-old, African-American, 5'7", and 180 lbs. They say he was wearing a blue shirt, baggy pants and a black knitted cap when he abducted barber shop employee 16-year-old.

The owner of the barbershop didn't want to be identified, but he said the suspect entered his business with a sawed-off shotgun, then ordered him to the ground, and demanded everything he had.

"At that point, when he figured out which key was mine after I told him which vehicle was mine, he got up and he was leaving. At that point [the boy] was coming from an errand he was running for me at the store and he encountered the assailant and he told [the boy] to get in the car, start it up and if you do anything wrong I'm going to shoot now," said the shop owner.

Hassan has contacted his family and friends since the incident, although police have not spoken directly to him.

The stolen black GMC two-door Yukon was also recovered.

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