Man waits a full year for a full refund

Sometimes companies are quick to take your money, but often slow to give it back if you're due a refund. In this case, a customer waited a whole year.

Philadelphia is home to the Phillies, and also to Roniel Overton's dad, which is why he was trying to fly there.

"It was pretty rough, my father's diabetic and he's going through some issues," said Overton.

Overton went on and bought a roundtrip ticket on United Airlines. Later he realized he had to work that week. So he tried changing the dates.

"I wasn't able to change, there were all these extra charges," said Overton.

He did have 24 hours to cancel without penalty, and figured he could just rebook. So Overton canceled his flight and received an email from United that says he'd get a full refund of $517 -- except, he didn't.

"No one would give me the money back, it was back and forth," said Overton.

Overton says United told him Priceline owed the refund. Priceline said United had the cash. Months went by and his money was in limbo. Overton didn't have any extra for a plane ticket, so he never went to see his dad.

"Yeah, I really needed that money really bad," said Overton.

Almost a year later, Overton finally called 7 On Your Side. We contacted United and things were straightened out right away.

"About three weeks or so, I received a call from United," said Overton.

United gave him a full refund of $517. The airline said, "We apologized to Mr. Overton for the error and we fully refunded his ticket."

Overton says he's heading east.

"When I see my father, he'll be getting a big hug," said Overton.

If you're ever in doubt about which company owes you a refund, check your credit card bill. The one that billed got the money and they're the ones that need to return it. In this case it was United.

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