College student holds bake sale to raise her tuition

A college student from Albany is getting creative to pay for her tuition to UC Santa Barbara; she's holding a bake sale.

August 10, 2011 1:13:18 AM PDT
Schools often hold bake sales to raise money, but now a college student is holding her own bake sale this summer to raise money for her tuition.

Amalia Mourad found a spot on Solano Avenue in Albany where she has been selling cookies, brownies and cupcakes to pay for her last two years at U.C. Santa Barbara.

"My grandma helped me learn how to bake. She taught me how to make oatmeal cookies last week," said Mourad.

Mourad says those oatmeal cookies are actually her best seller. She says she makes about $200 a day, but needs thousands more to cover tuition increases.