2-year-old expected to recover from Oakland shooting


Initial reports to police were that the shooting happened near International Boulevard and Seminary Avenue while the boy, his mother and at least one other woman were walking down the street. But police were also told of a possible different location, near MacArthur Boulevard and Seminary.

Antonio Palayo owns a store on the corner of Seminary and International. He says he did not hear any gunshots Saturday afternoon, but he would not be surprised if he did.

"Oakland is out of control; there is talk and promise that they're going to stop the crime but they never do anything," Palayo said.

The latest young victim was treated at Children's' Hospital in Oakland and is expected to recover.

On August 8, 3-year-old Carlos Nava was shot and killed in a drive-by along International Boulevard at 64th Avenue. It happened in the afternoon while Carlos was riding a toy truck with his family.

Two men are in custody for his murder.

"Here in America, you have that right to be able to walk down the street as you please and to walk in fear is scary, to walk in fear and protect your kids because you don't which way the negativity is going to come," Oakland resident Diane Butler said.

Police have few leads and no witnesses to the shooting.

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