Citizen rescues duck shot with blowgun dart

September 2, 2011 12:00:00 AM PDT
In the South Bay, a concerned citizen has rescued an injured duck that was shot by a blowgun dart.

Someone shot several baby ducks with a blowgun at the Marina Playa complex in Santa Clara over the last week.

One young mallard was hit just behind its right eye, but animal rescuers were unable to catch it.

The person who caught it removed the dart upon capture and took it to the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley.

"He's stable today, no fractures were found, he's on antibiotics, he's on pain medication and he's on fluid treatment, he's also been set up in a low stimulus duck box, his care is really underway, and he's doing really well," Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley spokesperson Jen Constantin said.

Another duck that was shot with five darts died.

Officials say the duck that was rescued will be released in the wild when it recovers.