Verizon Wireless overage alert never went off for one man

Jeff Blyksal happens to be a reporter for Consumer Reports. He recently received a bill for overage charges of $70 and wondered why he wasn't alerted as promised with a courtesy text message or phone call. He says Verizon told him it has been having problems with that system. Blyksal finds that ironic.

"When they want to contact me about something they're selling, my mailbox is filled with Verizon promotions for the latest phones and stuff. They know how to get me. They can get me that way. Why can't they tell me when I'm going to be paying 35 to 40 cents a minute in penalty fees?" asked Blyksal.

Verizon blamed the problems on an unspecified, but self-described variety of reasons. It suggested Verizon customers check their usage on line or through the automated phone system.

The Federal Communications Commission is currently considering making alert systems for overage charges mandatory.

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