Mayor visits liquor store where girl was shot


San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and Police Chief Greg Suhr paid a visit to the Bayview District and they stopped in a store where officers have been called many times before -- the Torino Market on Third Street near Palou Avenue. Police sources tell ABC7 News officers have answered more than 70 calls here since March. Owner Abraham Kaileh says he's tried to control the problem of people drinking alcohol and loitering.

"We call the police if something happens," said Kaileh. When asked what are some of the things that happen, he replied, "The only thing, as I told you, is hanging around and the shooting."

Friday he turned to the mayor and police chief for help.

"We asked them for help and they are helping you know," said Kaileh.

Some Bayview residents blame much of the violence on the abundance of liquor stores along Third Street and want police to do more to stop people from drinking and hanging around.

"But the problem is they could resolve a lot of this if they would do their job and don't allow them to stand out in front of stores period. And the stores can't do it because they're scared to death," said Rev. Riley, a Bayview resident.

San Francisco police say they have foot and bike patrols and regularly hand out citations for loitering and open container violations.

The visit by the mayor and police chief occurred right before a rally near the spot where a 5-year-old girl was shot in the knee while walking home from school a week and a half ago. Speakers asked not only City Hall, but Bayview residents to do more.

"That's right, it's about helping ourselves and we need to increase our standard and expect more from ourselves," said Supervisor Malia Cohen.

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