Family unhappy with Verizon's iPhone warranty


The family bought extended warranties for their new mobile devices. The idea was if anything went wrong they would know how much it would cost them. Well something did go wrong and then something else did go wrong.

Katie Moore dropped her iPhone and the screen shattered very badly.

"I accidently dropped it," said Katie.

A broken phone like this is something you hear about and hope to never experience. It all started when Katie was on her home's stairway.

"I was walking up the stairs, it hit the balcony kind of thing and then slammed on the tile," said Katie.

The good news was Katie and her family had all bought extended warranties along with their devices this past spring. To get a new phone all they had to do was pay a deductible.

"When I went on the computer at home, I am going through and I get to about step 5 on the website, on Verizon, and they said the cost was now going to be $169. In the back of my head I thought, 'You know, that doesn't sound really right.' So I went ahead and got the brochure and sure enough on the brochure it said it would be $129," said Sharon Moore, Katie's mom.

The pamphlet Katie and Sharon received said deductible phones were $45, advanced devices were $99, and tablets were $129.

Sharon remembers the day they bought the phones and warranties.

"When I was looking at the brochure, it didn't have specifically the iPhone listed so I asked him about it and he said well the iPhone would be $129," said Sharon.

Sharon called Verizon and the warranty company, Asurion. Everyone was nice, but no one would budge -- the deductible was $169. So Sharon contacted 7 On Your Side and I contacted Verizon.

The company points out there is no iPhone listed in the brochure and says "…A sales representative may have mis-stated the coverage during the sales process. The rate is indeed $169."

But since that isn't listed anywhere on the Moore's paperwork, the company is refunding $40 and said, "We are following up with our retail sales representative to provide appropriate coaching."

And now right next to that broken iPhone is Katie's brand new iPhone. We want to thank Verizon for getting on this so quickly and making everyone happy.

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